Best Shop Vacs For The Money

Best Shop Vacs For The Money

Breaking down different shop vacs by their price range really lets you see some of the different features that some of the models have that others don't just because of the price difference. This article focuses on some of the best shop vacs for the money in 2017. I broke then down into three different categories: under $50, under $100 and under $200.

I took my time and noted some of the main differences between the different models including their metrics, ratings what special features they had and so on to come up with the list. After all of the comparing I came up with these top four contenders...

Best Shop Vac Under $100 Is The:

Reviews & Price: The Vacmaster VBV1210 had so many different reviews, over 700 in fact from a wide range of sources online including Amazon, Home Depot and several other retailers. The price for the vacuum was pretty competitive from what I saw at the time, although it would be important to note that some of the retailers I saw this product at your anywhere from $5-$10 higher in price or more than Amazon and Home Depot.

Features: This is a pretty neat vacuum overall and actually has a feature that the picture illustrates where you can actually use it as a blower too.

A Vacmaster VBV1210

The top of the unit basically detaches from the vacuum base itself and uses the motor to push the air through the port. A longer nozzle comes with the package and really acts as a corded blower. You can expect to see a 12 foot long power cord, which is decent in length and a 7 foot long hose.

The Vacmaster VBV1210 as a 12 gallon canister and uses a 5 hp motor so it is plenty big enough for larger tasks. This model comes with a drain plug on the bottom which is really handy if you're picking up liquid masses. The overall wheel casters are decent and spaces for all of the attachments to hook onto the vacuum base itself is always a good thing when trying to stay organized.

The Best Shop Vac Under $200...

Reviews & Price: The Ridgid 50348 1400RV didn't have nearly the number of reviews that I usually like to see but had very positive feedback from all of the people who left some. There are roughly around 36 reviews but the average overall rating was a very high 4.7 to 4.8 stars. Amazon was really one of the only main retailers that sold this particular vacuum and were really one of the better places to buy, pricewise.

Features: The  features for this Ridgid Vacuum for really what set it apart from the rest of the competition in my opinion.

Ridgid 50348

The first thing that I really like about the vacuum itself was the entire set up with the handle, wheels and base all attached to a pressure washer type is set up that looked very easy to maneuver around. This as a 6 hp motor attached to it with an overall capacity of roughly 14 gallons. It also has the drain plug at the bottom that is helpful with liquid pickup.

The large wheels at the back of the unit were really nice and makes it really easy to move this larger type of shop vac around. The addition of a handle and the cool little canvas bag that can hold the attachments makes it a very complete unit in my opinion, more so than any other model I have seen to date. It also comes with a very generous 20 foot long power cord and plenty of suction power, according to reviewers.

One Of The Best Shop Vacs Under $50:

Reviews: The Armor All AA255 had a pretty impressive number of reviews, more than 2600 in fact! With this number of reviews and an overall rating of 4 1/2 stars it was definitely the best pick for the price range. The price is very competitive among a couple of different retailers online and only varied by a couple of pennies. Just be sure that the store has it in stock before you go down and look for it.

Features: The Armor All AA255 is more of a compact unit having a smaller to half gallon capacity with a 2 hp motor attached.

Armor All AA255

You will find a 6 foot hose, 10 foot power cord and a small accessory kit that comes inside the box. The house is a little bit smaller in diameter than the larger vacuum we have listed below and will likely get clogged easier. On top of everything we found it also comes with a two-year warranty and an option to buy the vacuum with a three pack of filters.

Another Option Under $50:

Reviews: The Vacmaster VJC507 had a respectable number of reviews, somewhere around 70 in total and had an overall rating of about four stars. The only two places that I found online to buy this particular model was at Amazon and Home Depot. The price was pretty close at both places but Amazon did have it for a little bit less at the time.

Features: This is a larger shop vac and I wanted to include it to try to please both types of people who may be looking for either a larger vacuum or a smaller one under the $50 price range.

Vacmaster VJC507P

You can expect a larger 5 gallon capacity than the previous model and a maximum 3 hp motor that powers it. It comes with a decent accessory kit, wheels at the base of the unit for easier mobility and areas the store the hose, cord and other accessories. This comes with a 6 foot long hose and an 8 foot power cord and has both sucking and blowing capabilities.

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