Craftsman Bolt-On Modular Power Tool

Craftsman Bolt-On Modular Power Tool

The Craftsman Bolt On Power Tool Set is a very cool idea and uses a "docking station" that will accept many different attachments. It is an all-in-one type of setup that can come in handy for people who don't want to purchase separate tools on their own.

There are some advantages and disadvantages to this Craftsman tool, mainly because of the all-in-one functionality (which can go both ways) but was a really neat find regardless and totally worth sharing. It was released some time ago and other companies have made similar tools (like Black and Decker) so lets see what they have to offer and how they work!

Attachments, Construction, Etc.:

Typically, these use a drill style base and the attachments snap on to that base, providing the different tools that are needed for many construction projects. These include: jigsaw, circular saw, hammer drill, impact drill, drill, driver attachment, air compressor attachment and many more.

Since they are an all-in-one type of tool, you get a "jack of all trades and master of none" type of functionality. Each specialty attachment will perform light duty to medium duty tasks but will lack power and functionality of the tool itself, if you were to buy them separately. They still work great though and have some pretty decent reviews to back that up.

Craftsman Bolt-On Modular Power Tool Jigsaw Attachment
Craftsman Bolt-On Oscillating Multi-Tool Attachment
Craftsman Bolt-On Mouse-Style Sander Attachment

How They Work:

  • STEP 1: Hold down the release mechanism on top of base
  • STEP 2: Pull off or install attachment
  • STEP 3: That's pretty much it. Start using the tool!

Price, Functionality, Etc.:

The drill setup (base) typically comes with one attachment, although I have seen "combo kits" that come with a few different attachments as well. Black and Decker is significantly less than the Craftsman version but is not as "trusted" either, as far as brands go. Both have exceptional ratings for the base and nearly all of the attachments.

The attachments ran from anywhere between $20 to $50 in price and the base models varied in price but were decent, for the most part. These all-in-one drill tools would replace several tools and would come in handy for someone who likes to tackle light duty to medium duty DIY projects. Worth checking out for sure!

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