Some Of The Coolest Cordless Tools Out There!

Some Of The Coolest Cordless Tools Out There!

​There are tons of really cool cordless tools out there and I wanted to make a list of some of the most unique. A lot of these, I didn't know existed and I'm sure that a few of them will surprise a lot of you out there too.

These are different tools and range from drills to jackets! Let's take a look at what I found and please let me know if you found a cool cordless tool (or three) and I will add them here. Thanks!

​How About A Cordless Mixing Drill For Starters?

Cordless Mixing Drill


​The Milwaukee cordless mud mixer is a pretty innovative design and tool to have around, especially if you mix up a lot of materials on a daily or weekly basis. It can mix up some pretty viscous materials (according to Milwaukee) and can also mix up to 15 buckets on a single battery. The price (at the time) was around the $200 mark, which isn't that bad at all! Definitely worth checking out for some people.

​A Cordless Compressor, Anyone?

A DeWalt Cordless Compressor


​This cordless compressor from Dewalt is pretty cool and makes interior projects way easier to do because you can literally carry the compressor, the hose and you're finished Mehler around with you from room to room quickly and easily. The thing only weighs 21 pounds and uses Dewalt's special ​Flex Volt battery in Dewalt claims that it can fire more than 1200 Brad Mills before having to replace the battery with a fully charged one, quite impressive!

​A Cordless Worm Drive Circular Saw By DeWalt...

A Cordless Worm Drive Circular Saw


​When I came across DeWalt's new cordless circular saw I thought to myself there's got to be something that they compensated for but I was definitely wrong. This has all of the characteristics of a full-sized, corded worm drive circular saw, including the power and runtime. It uses DeWalt's new ​60 V battery and can cut dimensional lumber just as deep as a corded model can and even has the full functionality of the Mitre capabilities making it a very impressive tool.

​A Cordless Chainsaw Could Come In Handy...

A Cordless Chainsaw


​Cordless chainsaws are pretty typical nowadays but is a tool that I don't think everybody is too keen on and I really believe that most people underestimate the power of these nowadays.

Most of these, like the model shown in the above picture uses high-powered batteries (60 volts in this case) that produce a tremendous amount of torque to cut through medium to large diameter trees. The trick with these is to make sure that your chain is always sharp because it will kill the battery pretty quickly.

​Some Cordless Metal Shears By Milwaukee:

Cordless Metal Shears

​The metal shears shown above are Milwaukee's brand of cordless shears but there are tons of different manufacturers out there that make these tools and they are very handy to have around especially if you do a lot of sheet-metal work. What I like about these is the fact that they are lightweight and because they are cordless even take them around with you just about anywhere and they are really natural feeling when you're using them.

​A Cordless Rebar Cutter For Everyone!

Cordless Rebar Cutter


Now I didn't know that they made a cordless rebar cutter and to be honest I could've used one of these many many years ago and it would've made my life a lot easier. These models differ in their capacity but from what I've noticed that anywhere from ​5/8" diameter rebar all the way up to 3/4" diameter rebar with them which is very impressive.

These are more of a specialty item and if you are a concrete contractor then you would definitely want to at least check these out but they are pretty pricey from what I've noticed and can cost anywhere from $1500 all the way up to $2000 or more.

A Cordless Miter Saw Is A Must For Finish Work!

A Cordless Miter Saw


These cordless miter saws come in very handy for interior finish work and can even come in handy for framing work by its I would say more light duty framing work not an all-out replacement for a corded miter saw. As far as cutting interior trim like a baseboards, crown molding, door trim and other things like that it is perfect and a lot lighter than lugging around a heavy miter saw.

One thing to keep in mind about these cordless miter saws is the fact that most of them won't have the full capabilities that a corded model will but some do including dual bevel capabilities, a 10 inch or 12 inch blade sometimes and sliding capabilities as well.

​A Cordless Vacuum By DeWalt...

A Cordless Vacuum

​This wet/dry vacuum from Dewalt is in fact a cordless vacuum which makes it pretty neat and very convenient for many different people not just people in the construction trades but I could definitely see this being used to clean out car very easily. It has a 2 gallon capacity and has pretty decent suction at 31 CFM.

I couldn't find this vacuum in the kit so if you are interested in buying this the only downside that I saw was the fact that you have to buy a battery and charger separately but if you already own a bunch of Dewalt tools​ then this be a problem. It uses either an 18 V or 20 V DeWalt battery, just an FYI.

​A Cordless Backpack Vacuum From Makita

A Cordless Backpack Vacuum

​Now I thought that the DeWalt cordless vacuum is pretty cool but this backpack vacuum by Mikita is way cooler and actually have a lot more power because it uses 36 V as you can see in the picture the two batteries along the bottom of the vacuum.

This vacuum only has a half gallon capacity to it which isn't much at all and really I would've liked to have seen more capacity but it has a good air flow of 53 CFM and ​can run continuously anywhere from 60 to 90 min. depending on whether it is on the high or low setting using the 5.0Ah Makita batteries.

​A Cordless Plumb Laser/Bob Is Really Convenient!

Cordless Plumb Laser

​The first time I saw one of these laser plumb levels/bobs I thought they were the coolest thing ever! After using one for roughly 5 1/2 years it is really hard to go back to the old Plumb Bob method with a weight and a string because this laser model is so much faster and very accurate as well.

If you haven't used one of these yourself I would definitely recommend checking them out and they aren't really all that bad pricewise either so it would be well worth the investment to at least try it out but I'm sure once you try it you will probably think the way I think now and never go back to using an old school Plumb Bob ever again.

​A Milwaukee Cordless Heated Jacket?

A Milwaukee Cordless Heated Jacket

​This jacket from Milwaukee really blew my mind when I saw it because I didn't know they made these. I live in an area where the winters aren't all that harsh but I have lived back east and these would definitely come in handy for people living back there or other regions where the climate is a lot harsher in the winter.

​These jackets use Milwaukee's 12 V battery and can last as long as eight hours, not too shabby. The heating elements are located on the chest and back which can be adjusted independently ​using three different heat settings ( low, medium and high).

​A Cordless Coffee Maker By Makita

A Cordless Coffee Maker By Makita

​I don't know if there's a whole lot of people out there that could use one of these Makita cordless coffee makers but it is a pretty cool idea nonetheless and if you don't have power on your jobsite than this would be a great addition to your tool collection for sure.

​It runs off of Makita's 18 V batteries and has the capacity to brew one 5 ounce cup of coffee in about 7 min. or so using the battery. You also have the option to plug into the wall like a conventional coffeemaker which ​will brew the same amount of coffee in about 3 min., instead of seven. Overall a very cool cordless tool and definitely ​worth worth putting on the list.

​Milwaukee's Cordless Caulking Gun

Milwaukees Cordless Caulking Gun


​There are a kind of different manufacturers that offer cordless ​caulking guns but I chose to go with ​Milwaukee's version. These come in really handy if you have a lots of caulking that you are applying, what comes to mind in my head is ​working on commercial jobs and installing ​a ton of windows and doors. These also come in handy on colder days when the caulking or adhesive is colder and harder to push out.

​This particular Milwaukee caulking gun has the capacity to dispense more than 200 tubes of (10 oz.) caulking on a single charge using one of their 18 V batteries. It also has six different speed settings that dispense different amounts of caulking (inch per minute) and the trigger also is a variable speed trigger which is used in combination with the speed dial to control the flow rate.

​Makita's Cordless Jobsite Radio

Makitas Cordless Jobsite Radio

​Like the caulking gun we just looked at, many different manufacturers (nearly all of them) make their own type of cordless radios nowadays but I like Makita's version the best and have been using it for many years now myself.

​Some of these cordless radios actually double as a battery charger too but they have to be plugged into an outlet in order for that to work. From what I have seen most of them have the typical attributes of a radio including AM or FM station choices, a time display and an outlet to plug in your MP3 player.

​A Cordless ​Brad Nailer By DeWalt

A Cordless Finish Nailer By DeWalt

​There are tons of different cordless Brad nailers and finish nailers out there nowadays and the market for them has really exploded over the last six or seven years. These are very convenient, lightweight and have insane amounts of runtime associated with them especially if you are using one of the higher rated Ah types of batteries.

​Nearly all of the different tool manufacturers make their own version of a finish ​nailer or brad nailer and they are typically between $150 and $250 in price depending on the manufacturer but are very reasonable in my eyes because of the convenience that you get with one of these cordless nailers.

​Need A Milwaukee Grease Gun?

Milwaukee Grease Gun

​I know that not everybody is going to be interested in a cordless grease but for those of you who work out in rural areas and have heavy machinery or specialty machinery that requires a lot of Greece on a fairly regular basis than these are going to be a lifesaver for you.

The Milwaukee cordless grease gun is actually a pretty high tech device in the fact that it has two different speed settings and​ can actually dispense precise amounts of grease. It also has the ability to tell the user how much grease is left in the tube which is helpful especially if you haven't used the tool and while and need a reminder on how much you have left.

​A Ryobi Glue Gun For?

A Ryobi Glue Gun

​Hot glue guns are used by construction professionals and DIYers sometimes but more than likely they are used for hobby types of crafts and I know from personal experience that using a corded model can be somewhat of a hassle​, seeing as how you are tied to an outlet.

​When I saw this cordless ​Ryobi hot glue gun I thought it was a great idea and I knew that many different people would probably think this would come in quite handy and be so much more easier to use than a corded model.

A Cordless Impact ​Wrench/Gun For Cars, Lag Bolts, Etc.

A Cordless Impact Gun

​These are very handy to have on hand especially if you are into working on cars or other machinery or are a builder and drive lots of lag bolts or larger types of fasteners that require a lot of torque. These are much more convenient than an air tool but don't have quite the power that some of the air tools do.

​Nearly every tool manufacturer out there makes their own type of impact wrench like the Milwaukee one shown above so you can choose to go with just about anyone you want to. The above impact wrench has an estimated 700 foot-pounds of torque and power and has the ability to break loose bolts with an estimated 1100 foot-pounds of torque, which is incredible and covers most large bolt capacities as far as fastening and breaking are concerned.

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