The Best Drill Attachments You Probably Didn’t Know About

The Best Drill Attachments You Probably Didn’t Know About

​Metal Shear Attachment By Dewalt...

Shear Attachment For Drill

​These are pretty nifty sheers and ​can cut a variety of different materials, although they are intended for metal for the most part.they can also cut asphalt shingles, vinyl siding, wires, cardboard, plastics and it variety of other materials, I'm sure.

Definitely a very cool tool worth checking out. It works with most 18 V and 20 V impact drivers and nearly all types of drill drivers just be sure the drill will have enough power so 18 V minimum is recommended.

​A Right Angle Drill Attachment

Right Angle Drill Attachment

​There ​are a lot of right angle drill attachments out there but this one is definitely the coolest and most versatile. This will make a nice addition to anybody that owns a drill without having to shell out tons of money that usually is attached to a dedicated right angle drill. This is rated​ for 235 inch pounds of torque maximum and is well-built, especially compared with some of the other right angle drill attachments out there.

​The Quadsaw Drill Attachment...

The Quadsaw Drill Attachment

​This is a pretty cool little device that will only apply to a very select few individuals but can come in handy for DIYers, electricians and weekend warriors. You attach ​a drill and it actually has four blades that act like an oscillating multitool ​and cuts out squares and rectangles in sheet rock for electrical boxes. 

They have a cool video you can check out if you're interested in seeing more. This is definitely something to keep in that specialty toolbox.

​How About A Garden Auger Bit For Your Drill:

Garden Auger Bit

​These planting auger bits come in very handy if you have a garden or for digging shallow holes for whatever purpose you may have for digging us but work extremely well and with a powerful drill can make short work of the task.

To be honest ​it is just a lot of fun to ​use one of these, even if you aren't planning anything. They come in a couple of different lengths and have different diameters too, ​to suit many smaller plants.

A Simple ​Brush Attachment For A Power Drill

Brush Attachment For A Power Drill

​I have not seen one of these brush attachments for a drill but thought that it might be worth adding to this list just because it is a pretty cool concept and I have about five different areas in my house that I ​would consider using one of these in right now. I have seen a few different variations and sizes, which would come in handy for many different applications.

​Ice Auger Attachment For A Cordless Drill

Ice Auger Attachment For Cordless Drill

​When I came across one of these ice auger drill bits I thought to myself who in the world would need one of these? After doing a little research, it occurred to me that if you are in a place where you are going to do a little ice fishing and need to drill a hole through the ​ice, chances are you're probably not going to have any power source ​out there so one of these ​would definitely come in handy.

A ​Flexible Shaft For Any Type Of Drill

Flex Shaft For Drill

​I I have seen ​these flexible shafts for many years now but never really paid any attention to them until now, maybe it is just this really cool image that I found that sparked my interest. The truth is, these will definitely come in handy in some of those tighter areas like the interior spaces of cabinets, ​in tighter spots on your car or truck, the crawlspace underneath your house, places like that.

​Makita Has A Grease Gun Attachment, Who Knew?

Grease Gun Attachment

​The grease gun attachment for your drill would really come in handy for people who do tractor work, people who work on a farm or around ​a farm, truck drivers and many other people who typically would need to grease fittings on some type of moving part. Of course, you would have to have a drill on hand, which would make it kind of inconvenient, so not sure how many times someone would have a drill and a grease gun on hand at the same time.

​A Simple Dust Collector ​When Drilling...

Dust Collector For Drill

​I have seen many different dust collectors but this one really caught my eye because it is such an ingenious and simple ​idea. This is a very effective strategy for collecting dust when drilling holes, especially when doing interior work. I mean, why overcomplicate something that could be as simple as this?

​A Water Pump Drill Attachment When Power Is Not An Option...

Water Pump Drill Attachment

​This is a cool little water pump which you could use in a bind. If you are somewhere ​where you don't have power, it would be a cool little thing to have on hand for emergengy purposes, just in case. You can also use this in scenarios where you did have power and could pump quite a bit a water if you don't have any other pumping alternatives such as a submersible pump.

​A Rivet Attachment Is Pretty Nifty, I Must Say...

A Rivet Attachment

​This is something that I know would come in handy for a lot of people and the fact that you can install rivets just by having an extension on your drill makes it so much more convenient than breaking out a whole another tool. Definitely worth checking out if you need to pop a few rivets here and there.

​A Portable Drill Guide That Would Be Very Handy!

Portable Drill Guide

​This has always been one of my favorite drill attachments because it basically turns your cordless or corded drill into a drill press of sorts. You won't have quite the accuracy or results that you'd get from a standard drill press but it is definitely a handy piece of equipment to have around.

​A Power Drill Pencil Sharpener


​I really don't see a whole lot of people using one of these personally but I thought it was very unique and worth mentioning. If anything, most people will just get a kick out of a pencil sharpener that you attach to your drill!

​Paint Roller Cleaning Attachment, Too Cool!

Paint Roller Cleaning Attachment

​I have never seen one of these in my life but I have always preferred to clean out my paint rollers in a bucket full of water instead of spraying of them out with the hose. This school drill attachment makes that possible and speed up the process immensely. I know a lot of people that would have a lot of fun using one of these.

​A One Gallon Paint Mixer Attachment

Oqne Gallon Paint Mixer Attachment

​There are many different types of paint mixers out there but I found this one that is specially made for one gallon (and smaller) paint containers. There ​a ​couple of different variations that you ​will find, as far as the paddle shape is concerned but they all basically work the same way and come in very handy for mixing up smaller amounts of paint.

​A Wicked Looking Paint Stripper Attachment...

Paint Stripper Attachment

​This is a very effective tool for stripping and removing paint and rust but the look of it is something out of a horror movie! These are not only very effective for doing the job that they are intended to do but are fun to use too.

​Cement Fiberboard Shears ​A Handy Attachment!

Cement Fiberboard Shears For Drill

​These ​shears (that are designed to cut cement fiberboard) would come in handy for construction professionals, a handyman and DIYers alike. I do like the idea of a drill attachment for cutting cement fiberboard but wonder what type of market there would be when you could just go out and buy a dedicated corded model just for this task. If you don't have power, I would understand but other than for that purpose, I'm not sure.

How About ​Shears For Cutting Natural Slate?

Shears For Cutting Natural Slate

​To be honest, I didn't know they made shears that could cut natural slate tiles but now I do! These ​are basically ​the same as the cement fiber board cutting shears but I would definitely ​see these being used a little bit more by "tile installers" because cuts are more rare and can be done very close to where the tile was going to be laid.

​A Chuck Attachment For An Impact Driver:

Chuck Attachment For Impact Driver

​I always thought these were pretty cool, having the ability to turn your impact driver into a drill driver, ​in a sense. Something to keep in mind is the fact that an impact driver is not going to have the drilling capacity that a drill driver would and after prolonged periods of drilling they can actually overheat so you want to be careful when drilling a lot of holes.

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